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St. Vincent Pallotti

St. Vincent Pallotti was heavily involved with community service and founded the Union of Catholic Apostolate, which still exists today. …

Fishers of Men

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: How have our lives changed in following Christ? How should they change? Where is God in the midst of it all?

Everyone Has a Vocation

Consider coupling encouraging discussions about vowed religious vocations with broader conversations about vocational discernment. ...

St. Berno of Cluny

St. Berno of Cluny was born in France. When he was a teenager, his father provided refuge to a group of Benedictine monks ...

Answering the Call

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Who in your life has helped you figure out when and where God is calling you?

A Different Sort of Victory

The Baptism of the Lord: Why do you think Jesus chose to be baptized? Now, put yourself in John the Baptist’s place. How would you feel if Jesus came to you, asking this? ...

Getting To Know You

Mike Hayes shares the importance of getting to know each other within your young adult community.

Year in Review

Plan a meeting with your leadership team to talk about what worked, what didn’t, and what you can add/change to your outreach for the coming year...

The Impossibility Becoming Possible

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: Reflect on your relationships with your own family. Have you been honoring your father and mother? Your siblings? Is there someone in your family you need to forgive?

Get Specific

Amy McEntee suggests focusing on the specific needs of the young adults in your community.

Christmas Day Welcome

Invite newcomers to a quick meet-and-greet with a member of the parish staff of young adult ministry...

St. Lucy

St. Lucy (283-304) is honored as one of the virgin martyrs. Very little is known historically about her ...


Third Sunday of Advent: What vindication do we long for? How do we develop a life of gratitude? How can we “make straight the way of the Lord?” …

St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose was a fourth-century bishop of Milan. He was born in Rome and served as a popular Roman Governor in northern Italy ...
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