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We know you’re busy. If your community is like most parishes and campus ministries, resources are limited. Money is tight, staff is stretched, and adding new responsibilities to your job description is not a possibility. Unfortunately, outreach to young adults (20s and 30s) often gets short shrift at a time when – countless studies have shown – ministry to young adults is needed more than ever. Perhaps you’ve been approached by young adults about starting a ministry. Maybe you’ve just seen a new young face in your assembly and realized you don’t have anything to invite them to. Or perhaps your parish has made a concerted effort to reach out to this missing demographic.

The fact is ministry to young adults is notoriously difficult because:

  • Young adults are still highly transient.
  • Competition for their time and attention is fierce.
  • They are not typically “joiners” of church groups.

These challenges are actually an invitation to conceive of Young Adult Ministry in a completely different light.