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Young Adult Ministry in a Box has two major elements:

Young Adult Ministry Essentials: The “how-to” section, creating the structure, outreach, promoting programs, and building ongoing support

Step-by-Step Programs: A detailed list of program and event types with tips on planning and hosting each

You can do this. Successful young adult ministry will look different in an urban parish than it does in a rural one. A campus community with mostly single students will offer different programs and take a different approach than a suburban church with young couples and many new parents. You may be coming to young adult ministry with a great deal of ministry experience but little knowledge of who young adults are today or maybe you’re a young adult who wants more for yourself and your peers but needs to know how to partner with your parish to make that happen. Young Adult Ministry in a Box offers the tools, knowledge, and information you need to design a ministry that will be successful in your community no matter who you are or where you are.