What’s So Funny about Faith? (book)

When Jake Martin first joined the Jesuits, he noticed his prayers were boldly going where they hadn’t gone before. While thinking about where he found God during the day, Jake thought about television. Television? Is it even OK to find God in pop culture?

Jake thinks so (and he’s a Jesuit)! He’s also a comedian, and he thinks faith and humor go hand-in-hand. His sense of humor is a gift from God that makes life better for him — and makes him a better person, too.

Jake’s book, What’s So Funny about Faith, is his wry, heartfeld memoir filled with humorous anecdotes that span his relatively young life. With chapters such as “Celibacy in the City” and “Live from New York, It’s … a Jesuit!”, Martin continually demonstrates not only the essential role humor has played in developing his own spiritual life, but the important role it can — and should — play in developing ours as well.

This book would be an excellent choice for a young adult book group or for your own personal enjoyment!