Misfit (book)

In Misfit: Dealing with Our God-Given Discomfort, Chris Durso talks about the challenges that come with choosing Jesus. Christianity isn’t always an easy path, and we have to do more than just choose Jesus, we have to live our Christianity out. Choosing Christianity might not always be popular and it may not be easy, but it’s worth fighting for and it’s worth believing. When you push through doubt, fear, and obstacles to let God use you as his vessel, it often means being a misfit like Jesus was. Durso explains what it is like to be a misfit, a world changer, and a believer that’s going against the secular grain. Dare to break the mold. Be a misfit like Jesus was and you can change the world around you. Durso offers tools to push forward, asks the reader riveting questions at the end of each chapter, and explains what can happen if we cast aside our fears and get out of our own way to unleash our true potential in Christ.