Jesus Is (book)

Try to finish this sentence. Jesus Is ____. In his book Jesus Is_____. Judah Smith helps the reader complete the sentence in a variety of ways. He does so with the intention of revealing the different characteristics of Jesus. As you read, it will feel like you’re having a casual conversation as he explains the many different things that Jesus is. Honest, humorous, and thought provoking, Judah Smith is committed to helping others understand the glory and grace of Jesus. He’s carefully crafted a book for new and lifelong followers of Jesus. He’s written something that can even speak to the spiritually curious; it’s something that has the potential to start a life-changing conversation. This book is about establishing a personal relationship with Jesus, and seeing him as a confidant. You’ll laugh, cry, and do everything in-between while exploring this message of grace and all the things that Jesus can be in your life if you’d simply let him.