CRS Rice Bowl 2013

CRS Rice Bowl, a program from Catholic Relief Services, helps you enrich your Lenten journey and live in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable around the world. By highlighting the beauty of the Lenten trio — prayer, fasting, and giving — CRS Rice Bowl connects people more closely with the global mission of the Catholic Church. During each week of Lent, CRS Rice Bowl features five different countries and one U.S. diocese along with stories and profiles that demonstrate the impact CRS Rice Bowl contributions make in the fight to stop hunger and improve health for people around the world.

CRS Rice Bowl participants use a weekly spiritual guide, videos, photo galleries, or the program’s interactive website to learn more about the people from the featured countries and see how their lives are changed by the humanitarian aid provided by the Catholic Church overseas.

This is a great activity of a young adult group or for individual young adults to take on as a personal spiritual practice during Lent. You can follow and share posts to the CRS Rice Bowl Facebook and Twitter feeds to connect young adults with the program through social media.