Advent Surprise Calendar (digital)

Advent is meant to be a period of expectant waiting, as we prepare ourselves for the miraculous arrival of our Savior. Completely avoiding the Christmas onslaught may be impossible, but we can make an effort to maintain some connection to the spiritual foundation of this season. Busted Halo’s Advent Surprise Calendar helps with that.

Each day, that day’s link in the Advent calendar will start working, leading to a special Advent-themed Daily Jolt, with an opportunity for reflection and a MicroChallenge. Some of the reflections come from unlikely sources, and the challenges help you to take an action, usually a small one, based on the reflection.

Share the Busted Halo Advent Surprise Calendar with young adults and encourage them to use it throughout Advent. You might consider reposting or retweeting the Advent Daily Jolts and MicroChallenges from Busted Halo’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to your own. (They are posted each day at 11, a.m. and noon Eastern, respectively.)

Happy Advent!