The Coming of the Lord

Readings from Sunday, November 18 — 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Daniel 12:1-3; Psalm 16: 5, 8, 9-11; Hebrews 10:11-14, 18; Mark 13:24-32

Suggested Reflection Questions:

  • What signs do you see in your daily life that God is near? How does it feel when you know God is near?
  • The Gospel tells us that no one will know when Christ’s coming will happen. How can you be ready for when Christ shows up?
  • Have you ever imagined what Christ’s Second Coming will be like? What images do you usually imagine? Does it fit with the images in the Gospel today or look differently?
  • We believe that the kingdom of God is both already here AND that it has not yet fully arrived. What are some examples of the kingdom being present in the world today? What are some examples of the kingdom not being realized yet? How can you be a part of bringing God’s kingdom to earth?