St. Bonaventure

Taking his name from an exclamation by St. Francis of Assisi in his youth (“O Buona ventura!” meaning “O good fortune!”), St. Bonaventure is best known as a Doctor of the Church, “the seraphic doctor” in particular. He was born in Tuscany in 1221 and became a Franciscan at the age of 22, after which he was sent to Paris. He studied under Alexander of Hales, John of Rochelle, and became a Doctor alongside St. Thomas Aquinas. When he was 35, he became the General of the Franciscans. While general, he composed “The Life of St. Francis,” assisted in the translation of the relics of St. Anthony of Padua, and became not only Archbishop of York, but also Cardinal and Bishop of Albano (making him one of the six suffragan Sees of Rome). He died at the age of 53, while assisting at the Second Council of Lyons. His feast day, July 15, is the same day he died.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What connections do you see in your life between faith and education?
  • What are your goals? How can your spirituality help you achieve those goals?