My Sheep Hear My Voice

Readings for Sunday, April 17 — Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 13:14, 43-52; Psalm 100:1-3, 5; Revelation 7:9, 14B-17; John 10:27-30

Suggested Reflection Questions:

  • The psalmist proclaims that God made us and we belong to God. God tends us as a shepherd tends a flock. Most of us live lives relatively removed from the realities of raising livestock. What does it mean to be the “flock of God?” What do sheep mean to their shepherd? Can you think of another analogy that might express this relationship?

  • John has a vision that shows people of every race and culture adorned in white at the throne of the Lamb (Jesus). Jesus is the shepherd who guards them, attends to their every need, and comforts them. The sheep of Jesus are all different, yet they belong to one flock … just like the Church. What gifts do people of different cultures and backgrounds bring to the flock of your parish community?

  • In the Gospel reading, Jesus assures us that if we follow him and listen to his voice he will give us eternal life. No one can take us from him. What does it mean to belong to God? Why do sheep follow their shepherd? Why do we follow Jesus?