God’s Guidance

Readings for Sunday, October 24 — 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 31:7-9; Psalm 126: 1-6; Hebrews 5:1-6; Mark 10:46-52


Suggested Reflection Questions:

  • In the first reading we hear about how Jacob was appointed by God to be the guide for his people. Who has guided you in your life? What did it feel like to be guided?
  • Bartimaeus makes a bold and direct request of Jesus, and Jesus responds by immediately giving him sight. How do you talk to God? Is your prayer as bold and direct as Bartimaeus’?
  • When have you received a clear answer to your prayers? When has the answer been less than clear?
  • How has God given you consolation and guidance throughout your life, perhaps even at times when it might have seemed like your prayers went unanswered?