Called to Be God’s People

Readings for Sunday, December 8, 2019 — Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 11:1-10; Psalm 72:1-2, 7-8,12-13,17; Romans 15:4-9; Matthew 3:1-12

Suggested Reflection Questions:

  • The Prophet Isaiah envisions the coming of the Messiah as ushering in a time of profound peace both among the peoples of the world and among all of creation. What does the inclusion of animals in this vision of a world made new tell us about God’s view of creation? How can we integrate this understanding into our personal and communal Advent preparations?
  • Paul reminds the Christian community in Rome that they must welcome one another as Christ has welcomed each one of them. During Advent, we focus on preparing ourselves to welcome the newborn Messiah into our hearts. How can we practice that idea of “welcome” with others we encounter this Advent season?
  • John assures his contemporaries that they will not be spared from judgment simply because they are the descendants of Abraham. They must demonstrate with their lives that they are people of God. What does John’s warning mean to you as you read it today? What identities do you cling to help define who you are? How would you describe your identity as a Catholic?