St. Winifred

Legend holds that Winifred was the daughter of a Welsh nobleman in the seventh century. Her maternal uncle was Saint Beuno. When she decided to become a nun, her suitor, Caradoc, was enraged and decapitated her. Supposedly, her head rolled down a hill until it stopped and a healing spring appeared. Saint Beuno reattached Winifred’s head and restored her to life. Seeing Caradoc leaning insolently on his sword, St. Beuno called upon heaven’s punishment and the murderer fell dead on the spot. Popular belief is that the ground opened and swallowed him. Winifred went on to become a nun. Later, she went on a pilgrimage to Gwythenin, where she would eventually die. Her feast day is November 3.

 Questions for Reflection:

  • When, in your life have your family or friends been surprised, or even angry, about your choices? How did you move forward without their support?
  • On the other hand, when have you not been as supportive as you should have been to a friend or family member? What held you back from being giving your full support?