St. Stanislaus   

St. Stanislaus lived from 1030 to 1079 and was Bishop of Kraków, Poland. He spoke out strongly against the injustices of the King Boleslaw II, even excommunicating him from the church. Boleslaw ordered Stanislaus’ death, but when his soldiers would not comply, the king killed Stanislaus with his own hand. Outrage over Stanislaus’ martyrdom forced Boleslaw to flee the country. It is said that he later repented of his sins and entered a monastery. St. Stanislaus is the patron saint of Poland and of moral order. His feast day is April 11.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Unfortunately, history provides us with many examples of people who spoke out against the moral injustices of political powers and were killed for it. These people are often referred to by the Church as martyrs or prophets. Who do you see acting as a prophet in our world today?
  • Have you ever been challenged to follow your conscience at personal cost? What was that experience like? What gave you the courage to do so?