St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne (1769-1852) was born in Grenoble, France, and entered religious life at the age of 19 without her family’s permission. After her convent was dispersed during the French Revolution, she attempted to bring the community back together, but due to low numbers, they soon were accepted into the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The second half of Mother Duchesne’s life was spent in the Americas, where she founded the first house of the Society of the Sacred Heart in this country in St. Charles, Missouri, and several others in the following years. Even though she faced all the physical and mental hardships of life on the American frontier, she demonstrated perseverance and trust in God’s will. She felt a call to minister to the Native Americans, and the Potawatomi tribe of Kansas gave her the name “Woman Who Prays Always.”

Questions for Reflection:

  • Rose Philippine Duchesne must have been a person of very strong will to have lived the life she did; her stubbornness might have helped her get through the challenges she faced and the obstacles she overcame. How do your personal attributes allow you to follow God’s call in your life? How have you put your gifts in service to others?
  • How can you be a person who prays always in your life today? What obstacles do you face to praying?