St. Paul

St. Paul the Apostle, born Saul, converted to Christianity when he had a vision of Christ on the road to Damascus. Following his conversion, he spent years of his life as a missionary of the Church, traveling far and wide to spread Jesus’ word. He journeyed throughout Asia Minor, Macedonia, Ephesus, Jerusalem, Spain, and Rome, finally meeting his end by way of a beheading in Rome following several years of imprisonment. Due to his many and widespread missionary journeys, numerous churches and Christian communities now blanket those parts of the world. He also penned 14 canonical epistles, which remain in the Bible to this day, conveying Paul’s wisdom throughout the ages. His feast day is June 29.

 Questions for Reflection:

  • How have you felt God’s presence in your life?

  • When have you felt a moment of conversion or change in your spiritual life?

  • What can you do to spread the message of God’s love as Paul did?