St. Mary Clopas

St. Mary Clopas is the mother of St. James the less and Joseph, one of the “Three Marys” who was present at Jesus’ crucifixion (along with the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene), and found His empty tomb on Easter Sunday. Her title as Mary Clopas is ambiguous as to whether she is Clopas’ wife or daughter. Many interpretations favor the idea that she was his wife, and that this “Clopas” may be the same “Cleopas” we see on the Road to Emmaus in the Gospel of Luke (some even suggest that she was the person traveling with Cleopas in the famous story). Mary was a good companion and follower of Christ, and her devotion to Him even at His crucifixion and after his death serve as a great example to all of us. We remember her especially this week, as her feast day is April 24, and pray in her name that we may follow in her footsteps in both our faith in Christ and our dedication to our friendships.

Questions for Discussion

  • How do you show your friends and family how much you care about them?

  • What can you do to let the people you love know how important to you they are?