St. Martha

Martha of Bethany, sister to Mary and Lazarus, was a personal friend of Jesus. In Luke 10, Jesus is welcomed as a guest in their home. Martha bustles about doing the housework, while her sister Mary sits at Jesus’ feet. When Martha complains to Jesus about how unfair this is, Jesus urges her not to be so worried about so many things, but instead to focus on the one thing that really matters. In John 11, Martha witnesses Jesus raise her brother Lazarus from the dead and professes her belief that Jesus is the Christ. She is the patron saint of housewives and waiters and waitresses. Her feast day is July 29.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Martha speaks to Jesus in a very familiar, personal way. She says things to him that you would only say to someone to whom you were close; it seems like she feels comfortable challenging him because she trusts in the strength of their relationship. What kind of a tone do you use when you talk to Jesus? Do you feel comfortable truly being yourself before God?

  • How do you deal with stressful situations?

  • How can we focus on what really matters in our own lives?