St. Maria Giuseppe Rossello

At the age of 16, Maria joined the Third Order. After seven years of service to a wealthy, childless couple, she wished to enter a convent. The couple was reluctant to give her the dowry necessary to enter, because they had come to love her as their own and didn’t want her to go. The bishop of Savona knew Maria had a talent for instructing in the religion, so he purchased and furnished some classrooms where she and some others could teach. These women formed the Institute of the Daughters of Mercy, and were soon able to take their vows. Maria spent 40 years in the office of superior. Her favorite motto was, “The hands should be at work, the heart with God.” Her feast day is December 7.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can you use your talents to serve your community?
  • How can you help others while also fulfilling your own goals?