St. Lidwina of Schiedam

St. Lidwina (1380-1433) was born and raised in the town of Schiedam in the Netherlands. Lidwina had many health problems, and was one of the first recorded cases of multiple sclerosis. When she was 15, she fell while ice skating, and most of her body became paralyzed as a result. As her disability worsened, she gained fame as a healer, and was known to perform extreme fasts, by the end of her life only subsisting on salty river water. Lidwina was known to cure people and do acts of charity, like giving beggars food which lasted much longer than naturally expected. St. Lidwina is the patron saint of the chronically ill and of ice skaters, and her life gave testimony to the healing power of God.

Questions for Reflection:

  • St. Lidwina fasted and performed acts of  charity despite being paralyzed and chronically ill. How can you overcome setbacks in your life and give what you can in the name of God?
  • Reflect on the joy Lidwina found in God despite all of her hardships in life. When have you found joy in the midst of hardship?