St. Katherine Drexel

Saint Katherine Drexel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 26, 1858. Coming from a rich family, Katherine founded theSisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Black and Native American people, using roughly $20 million from her family’s fortune to support the group. This money was used to build mission schools for Native Americans and African Americans, primarily in the Southwest. She also founded Xavier University in New Orleans. She is the patron saint of racial justice and philanthropists. Her Feast day is March 3. If Saint Katherine Drexel were alive today, she might be helping Spanish-speaking students inAmerican schools.

 Questions for Reflection:

  • Have you ever made someone feel like an outsider? What made you do so? Afterward, how did you feel about what you had done?

  • How can you make those who are different feel more welcome?