St. José María Robles Hurtado

Saint José María Robles Hurtado was born in Mascota, Jalisco, Mexico on May 3, 1888. In 1923, even though it was against the law, José held a ceremony to build a large cross in the center of Mexico, which became known as the Mountain of Christ the King. The government soon began persecuting Catholics more intensely and imprisoned José for continuing his public ministry in 1927. He was sentenced to be hung. On the morning of his death, José took the noose from the soldiers saying, “Don’t dirty your hands.” He then kissed the noose and placed it around his own neck. His feast day is May 21.

Questions for Reflection:

  • How can you demonstrate love to your persecutors?
  • How can you speak out boldly for your faith, even when it feels like people are against you?