St. Hilary of Poitiers

Saint Hilary (Feast Day: January 13) was a 4th century bishop and theologian and is considered one of the Doctors of the Church. He was so respected by the people of Poitiers that he was elected bishop in 353 A.D. even though he was a married man. Much of his ministry was occupied with addressing the Arian heresy, and his writings were very influential to the early church. Many hymns are attributed to Hilary as well. He is the patron saint of slow children and lawyers and is invoked against insanity and snakebite.

“Impart to us, then, the meaning of the words of Scripture and the light to understand it, with reverence for the doctrine and confidence in its truth. Grant that we may express what we believe. Through the prophets and apostles we know about you, the one God the Father, and the one Lord Jesus Christ. May we have the grace, in the face of heretics who deny you, to honor you as God, who is not alone, and to proclaim this as truth.” — St. Hilary of Poitiers

Questions for Reflection:

  • Do you ever have trouble expressing what you believe? How do you engage in discussion with those who might disagree with your beliefs? 
  • Where have you found God in your encounters with different belief systems?