St. Hermengild

St. Hermengild was born a prince of Visigothic Spain, son of Leovigild the Visigoth, and raised as an Arian. He was converted to Catholicism by his wife Indegundis, and as a result led a revolt against Leovigild. However, he lost to his father in battle at Seville, Spain. When he refused to return to the heresy of Arianism, he was sentenced to death by beheading on April 13, which would become his feast day.

His death became celebrated as a martyrdom largely due to Pope Gregory the Great’s Dialogues, wherein he is called a “Catholic martyr rebelling against the tyranny of an Arian father.” 

Questions for Reflection

  • When have you had to stand up for your beliefs? What was that experience like?
  • How do you demonstrate your faith in your everyday life?