St. Giles

Giles was originally from Assisi, Italy, where he became one of the first followers of Saint Francis, receiving his habit in 1208. He went on to accompany Francis on many of his missions, as well as making his own pilgrimage to Compostela, Rome, and the Holy Land. He lived the majority of his life in the Monte Rapido hermitage in Perugia, where he died in 1263. He is often considered the most perfect example of the primitive Franciscan. Saint Francis spoke of him at length in his The Little Flowers of St. Francis, and called him his “knight of the round table.” Giles was known for his austerity and silence, and his The Golden Sayings of Brother Giles is noted for its humor, deep understanding of human nature, and optimism. His feast day is September 1.

 Questions for Reflection:

  • Just as St. Giles was known for his silence, though he wrote profoundly and humorously, some people are introverted and don’t normally show their true selves to others. How can you try to be a comfort and a friend to those around you, even those who might not seem to respond?

  • Or, if you are the introverted one, how can you help to brighten someone’s day with a bit of your wisdom or humor?