St. Eustadiola

At a young age, Eustadiola became a widow and was left with a great fortune. In her home of Bourges, France, she gave away all her possessions to the betterment of the community. She had houses in town made into churches honoring the Theotokos and St. Eugenia, and gave her jewels to decorate those same churches’ candelabra, chalices and crosses. Along with the other nuns, she helped to embroider vestments and coverings for the altar. She had a large convent built, where she served as abbess for many years, until her death in 684 at the age of ninety. Her feast day is June 8.

Questions for Reflection:

  • If you were left with a large fortune, whom would you help? Would you give to specific people, or donate to a cause?
  • How else, besides giving money, can you help others in your everyday life?