St. Colette

St. Colette was born in 1381 in France, where her father was a carpenter. After being orphaned at the age of 17, Colette gave all her money to the poor and became a Franciscan tertiary, living in solitude. Well known for her spiritual wisdom and holiness, Colette had a dream that called her to leave her solitary life and reform the Poor Clares. Despite the difficult journey to reform the order due to oppositions, Colette was in the end successful in her pursuits, founding 17 convents with reforms and reforming many older convents as well. She’s remembered for her sanctity, visions of Christ’s Passion, and is the patron saint of sick children and expectant mothers. 

Questions for Reflection:

  • When were times in your life where you persisted to follow God’s call despite being faced with opposition?
  • Do you find it difficult to hear God’s voice, or to distinguish what is God’s call and what is not? If so, how can you try to hear God’s voice more clearly?