St. Caesarius

Caesarius was originally a rampant sinner and dissolute. He even ended up fathering and raising Eudoxius, who Baronius would later call “the worst of all the Arians,” due to his heretical actions and false teachings. Caesarius eventually repented from his sinful and notorious life and became a serious Christian. He stayed true to the orthodox faith, until he was seized under the orders of Emperor Galerius Maximian. After refusing to deny the faith, Caesarius was burned to death at the stake in Arabissus, Armenia, in 309.

Reflection Questions:

  • Think of a time when you’ve done something wrong — or something that harmed another person in some way? Did you repent whole-heartedly? What did you do to make amends?
  • What example do you set by the life of faith you’re living? What are things you’d like to improve upon in the coming year?