St. Berno of Cluny

St. Berno of Cluny was born in France. When he was a teenager, his father provided refuge to a group of Benedictine monks who had been exiled from their monastery by the Normans. This inspired Berno, and following his father’s death he gave away his inheritance and entered the Benedictine monastery of St. Martin of Autun. He exhibited exceptional obedience and fidelity, and so was appointed the abbot of Baume, a community in need of reformation. Following his success there, he moved to Cluny, where he implemented Benedictine rule at the monastery there. Through Berno’s work, the abbey became very influential, and over its history gave four popes to the church. Berno’s feast day is January 13.

Happy the man whose words issue from the Holy Spirit and not from himself!” — St. Berno of Cluny

Questions for Reflection

St. Berno of Cluny was inspired by his father’s actions as a young man, leading him to do great things for the Church. Who in your life inspires you? How can you use his/her example to achieve your own personal goals? 

Tip: This week, pay attention to the actions of your family and friends, and see how you can use their best practices in your own life.