St. Angelo

St. Angelo, whose feast day is May 5, was born in 1185 and died a martyr in 1220. He was a member of the Carmelite Order from the age of 18. After he had been a hermit on Mount Carmel for five years, he had a vision of God, who prompted him to go to Sicily, telling him that he would be martyred there. Without hesitation, Angelo headed for Sicily nonetheless. As he traveled, he converted many people with preaching and miracles, but when he arrived at Leocata, Sicily, he provoked the ire of a man known as Berengarius, who attacked and stabbed him while he was preaching. As Angelo fell to the ground dying, ever faithful, he prayed for the people around him, and particularly Berengarius his murderer.

Questions for Reflection

  • In what situations does your faith give you courage like that of St. Angelo journeying toward his martyrdom?
  • How can you show love for your enemies like Angelo did?