St. Andrew

(Feast Day: November 30)Andrew was one of Jesus’ 12 Apostles, and he was the brother of Simon Peter. The books of the Gospel tell us that Jesus personally called upon Andrew and Peter to come, drop their fishing nets, follow him, and become fishers of God’s people. In John’s Gospel specifically, Andrew was first a disciple of John the Baptist, who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and then introduced him to Peter (John 1:35-42). The Gospel of John also states that it was Andrew who told Jesus about the young boy with a few loaves and fishes that Jesus later multiplied (John 6:8-9). Tradition holds that Andrew founded the church at Byzantium (Constantinople) and was crucified in the city of Patras in Greece. Andrew is often depicted on an X-shaped cross, and there are several legends linking Andrew to Scotland, Russia, and other eastern European countries. Several countries feature a St. Andrew’s cross on their national or naval flags. Andrew is the patron saint of fishermen, Greece, Russia, Scotland, and sailors.

Questions for Reflection:

  • What do you think it would have been like to have been personally called by the historical Jesus like Andrew was?
  • Would you have dropped your nets and followed him?
  • How does Jesus call you in your real life today?