St. Agnes

St. Agnes was born to a noble Roman family and raised a Christian. She was a very beautiful girl, and so had many suitors. These young men, disturbed by Agnes’ devotion to purity, reported her to the authorities as a Christian. As punishment, she was dragged naked through the streets to a brothel. She was sentenced to a burning at the stake, but the wood would not burn and so she was beheaded instead. Agnes was only 13 when she was martyred. She is the patron saint of young girls, virgins, rape victims, and chastity, among other things. Her feast day is January 21.

“Christ made my soul beautiful with the jewels of grace and virtue. I belong to Him whom the angels serve.” — St. Agnes

Questions for Reflection

  • St. Agnes made a great sacrifice at a young age because of her love for God. How can you learn from her example and love unconditionally?
  • St. Agnes was persecuted because of her faith. When have you had to defend your faith or beliefs to others?

Tip: This week, do a favor for an older family member without complaint — this is a small way to show God’s selfless love.