St. Agnes of Assisi

Agnes was the younger sister of Clare of Assisi. Only two weeks after Clare left home to follow St. Francis, Agnes ran away to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Her father sent several relatives to the monastery to retrieve her, but when they tried to forcibly carry Agnes home, her body miraculously became so heavy that they had to leave her behind. In 1221, Clare sent Agnes from their cloister at San Damiano to Monticelli to become the abbess of the Poor Clares there. Agnes oversaw the establishment of several other Poor Clare communities before returning to nurse Clare during her final illness. Several other family members also became followers of Francis. Clare and Agnes’ mother Ortulana later joined the Order of the Poor Clares that her daughters had founded, and their cousin Rufino was one of the first three companions of Francis. Her feast day is November 19.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Have you ever felt a call that could not be ignored? How did the members of your family and your close friends react?

  • How has your family supported your faith journey?

  • Are there ways in which your family has hindered your faith journey?