St. Aedh MacBricc

Originally from the modern County Westmeath, in Ireland, Aedh was not always the picture of good behavior that we have come to expect of saints. In fact, he was, at one point, so angry with his brothers for not sharing their father’s land with him that he carried off a girl that belonged to them. He hoped that, in exchanged for her return, they would give him his share. However, he met the bishop St. Illann along his way, who convinced him to give up both the land and the woman. Latin writings seem to show that Aedh was highly concerned with the well-being of religious women. After he had become a bishop, he frequented settlements of holy virgins, where they received him with the respect due to his position. Once, when he noticed that the girl serving him was pregnant, he fled the building to shame her. She confessed her sins and did penance, after which Aedh blessed her womb. The baby then disappeared as if it had never existed. Aedh’s feast day is November 10.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Has someone ever taken something which was rightfully yours? How did you respond?

  • What would you do if confronted with someone who had broken their vow or a promise they had made? What would you say to them?

  • How have you made up for some of your past mistakes?