St. Adelaide

St. Adelaide, also called Aleydis, was born in 1204 in Belgium. She entered a Cistercian convent called Camera Sanctae Mariae when she was only 7 and remained there until her death in 1250. Though she was greatly appreciated by the Cistercians for her humility and goodness, she had to be isolated at a young age when she contracted leprosy. As a result of the disease, Adelaide suffered from paralysis, blindness, and other physical and mental agonies. She felt consolation, however, in receiving the Eucharist, and was graced with visions and ecstasies. St. Adelaide is the patron of the paralyzed and the blind.

Questions for Reflection:

  • Who are the lepers or outcasts of today’s society? How can we reach out to them?
  • How can the Eucharist give us consolation? Have you ever felt consoled or even healed by the Eucharist?