Saint Ananias II

Saint Ananias II lived during the first century in Damascus. The Acts of the Apostles say that Ananias was a disciple of Jesus. In fact, Ananias was instructed by Jesus in a vision to go meet Saul. When Ananias found Saul, Saul was blinded from his encounter with the Lord. Ananias healed Saul of his blindness and baptized him, thus beginning the ministry of Paul. He was later martyred in Eleutheropolis. His feast day is February 25.

If Saint Ananias were alive today he might be running an RCIA program.

Share the story of Saint Ananias with your young adult group. Ask them to share a time when they criticized someone or something that they later came to love. Why did they change their minds? (If you’re leading the group, share an instance from your own life first.) Next, ask young adults to think of a time they rejected God. Ask them to list some ways to build a stronger relationship with God.