Alphonsus Rodriguez

St. Alphonsus Rodriguez (1532-1617) was a simple, uneducated wool merchant who later in life became a Jesuit lay brother. By the time he was in his early thirties, Alphonsus had lost his mother, his wife, and all three of his children and begun discerning a call to enter the Jesuit order. Because of his lack of education, his acceptance into the Jesuits took longer than usual, and he was admitted only as a lay brother. He was then sent to the Jesuit college on Majorca, where he served for over 45 years as the porter. It was his job to answer the door, receive visitors, and deliver alms, comfort, or advice to whoever came asking. His holiness and humility were an inspiration to those he encountered, including Saint Peter Claver. His feast day is October 30.

“I’m coming Lord!” — what St. Alphonsus Rodriguez said whenever the doorbell rang

Questions for Reflection:

  • Was there ever a time where you received less of an opportunity than you expected? How did you work through it?

  • What is your response when God knocks on your door?

  • Do you receive each person who approaches you as Christ?