Hunger Awareness

Do we know what it is like to be hungry? Plan a full-day of reflection on hunger for young adults. Ask the group to skip breakfast and join you for a morning of reflection. Ask them if they know of local food pantries, homeless shelters, etc. — anywhere you can find a free meal.

Plan to have lunch at a local house of hospitality, not as servants, but as guests. Young adults might experience discomfort when they stand in the shoes of another. Afterward, spend some time reflecting on the meal with these questions: Did anyone talk to the other guests? What requirements were their to receive a meal? (E.g., Did you need to sign in or show identification?) What other issues came up? What unites us with others who were at the meal?

Plan an evening prayer service around a meal where you examine the global inequities of hunger. Two-thirds of the world goes to bed hungry after eating just a few spoonfuls of rice. Give two-thirds of young adults one spoonful of rice for dinner. Then give half of the other third something a bit more substantial (say some vegetables and more rice). Then give half of the remainder a full meal and the other half a full meal and a candy bar. Reflect on the experience.

Resources: Oxfam and Feeding America