Feed the Hungry

It’s about to be summertime, which means a larger number of people are outside and in more visible need of food. Taking an afternoon to make sandwiches and deliver them to areas where hungry and homeless people congregate is just one way of alleviating their plight. Adding some clothing (especially underwear) to the care package is often much appreciated by those in need.

A caution: It is best to go as a group to deliver the items and to do the delivery in an open, well-lit place. Safety is paramount, and this strategy also gives those in need an opportunity to know that the delivery is being made. Secondly, have a regular shelter act as a final stop for leftovers. You may have leftover food, coffee, and/or clothing items. If so, make sure there is a place where you can donate those items so that nothing will be wasted. If your parish has an outreach ministry with the homeless, work with them to coordinate your food drop.