World Cup 2014

Pope Francis has a message for all those participating in the 2014 World Cup: It’s about solidarity and teamwork, not greed and racism. He says that one of the lessons of the World Cup is that “We must overcome individualism, selfishness, all forms of racism, intolerance and manipulation of people.” His message of unity within competition brings to light probably the most important goal of the World Cup and all other international sports competitions: to bring together countries and people that are thousands of miles apart. With the World Cup underway, people not only have the chance to watch great fútbol matches, but also get a peek into the lives and cultures of their global neighbors. Share this article about the pope’s remarks with young adults, and start a discussion about the values taught by the World Cup:

  • In what ways do you think worldwide competitions help promote a sense of solidarity?
  • Pope Francis specifically mentions the need to overcome racism and greed in events like the World Cup. What examples of greed, racism, and marginalizing others do you see in sports today?
  • It is widely agreed that major league and even some college sports breed excessive greed. What do you think can be done to curb players’ appetites for more, more, more?
  • Brazil has the world’s largest number of Catholics. How do you think the Catholic and Brazilian cultures will affect the World Cup competition?