Getting a New Pope

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation has sparked a lot of questions about what the upcoming weeks hold as the papal conclave convenes to elect a new pope. The world — and many Catholics — will not doubt work itself into a “papal succession obsession” as Lynn Freehill explains in this article for Busted Halo. And many wonder about the entire process for electing the pope — Who can be pope? Who are the cardinals that vote for him? This short video from Busted Halo will answer these and more of your questions. Share the video and article with young adults and talk about electing a new pope:

  • What’s your reaction to all of the news coverage surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation? Are you following every piece of breaking news?
  • If you could have a parting interview with Pope Benedict, what would you like to ask him?
  • After reading Lynn Freehill’s article, what do you think about her appeal for us to re-focus on our relationships with God and others — not on the “celebrity watch” for the next pope?
  • What additional questions do you have about electing the pope? (Note — you might invite a priest or other Catholic scholarly type to meet with young adults and answer their questions, or sit down with your laptop or tablet and “Google” some of their questions and talk about the answers you find.)