War and Peace in the Holy Land

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard daily reports of growing violence and the search for peace in Palestine/Israel. It’s troubling to see so much violence in a land that the people of three faiths call their homeland. And as we approach Advent and Christmas — a time of year when we prepare our hearts for welcoming the Prince of Peace into our world — we long for God’s love and peace to be known to all people. Both sides need to make choices that will lead to peace. And each of us can pray and work for peace in our own lives and community — just one step toward knowing peace around the world:

  • Ask young adults to think of a personal relationship that is in conflict. What might they do to reach out to the other side?
  • Are their areas of conflict in your own community? Maybe even your own parish? What might you do to help bring peace to the situation?
  • This week, take time to pray for peace. Each morning or evening, spend 10 minutes reflecting on the scenes or news of war and violence you’ve seen or heard that day. Pray for the people in these situations — that they might know God’s love and experience God’s peace in their hearts and lives.