Video: Voting Catholic

You might have noticed there’s a presidential election next week. (Of course you noticed!) Voting is important. And when elections roll around, there’s always a lot for voters to consider. Busted Halo has released a video that looks at the U.S. Bishops’ guide to Faithful Citizenship — teachings on issues that are important to the Church. Share this video with young adults and talk about the larger moral obligation (bigger than any political party platform) we have to uphold founded in the teachings of Jesus and of the Church. This video and guide will help young adults make the best possible choice while keeping faith in mind as they vote in this election. Discussion questions:

  • What did you think of the video? Did anything surprise you?
  • Did the video bring up issues to consider while voting that you hadn’t already considered?
And if you’re looking for something on the more lighthearted side of politics, check out “Playful Politics.” We can all use a good laugh at this point in the campaign season.
Don’t forget to vote!