You might have noticed that the media was overrun with coverage of a breaking news story last week: Justin Bieber’s arrest for driving under the influence. One example of this fascination was veteran journalist Andrea Mitchell interrupting an interview about the NSA with former California congresswoman Jane Harman to cover Biebs’ bail hearing. Sheesh. Civil war rages on in Syria, protests erupt in the Ukraine, and the security of our credit card information continues to come into question, but Justin Beiber’s exploits are considered “breaking news?” Share this article with young adults and see what they think. Have a conversation about what’s in the news in your local community and the wider world. What important issues are we missing when we’re obsessively following news of Justin Beiber and other celebrities?

  • What was your reaction to the coverage of Justin Bieber’s arrest? Was your Facebook newsfeed overrun with updates?
  • What news stories were you following last week? What was making news in your local community?
  • Where do you turn for news in your local community and around the world? How do these news outlets cover important issues related to the poor and vulnerable, social justice, the environment, life and dignity of the human person, faith, and even the Catholic Church?
  • How can we make sure the important issues that affect the poor and marginalized are on the agendas of the people reporting the news?