TV Show Depicts School Shooting

With debate about gun control heating up in Congress last week, the issue of gun violence in schools was the topic of the latest episode of the TV show “Glee.” Just as controversial as the legislation being discussed in the House and Senate, the episode received mixed reviews from viewers. Some said it was “too soon” after the Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school shooting and not sensitive to the victims of that terrible tragedy. Others sited the episode as an example of how important it is to communicate and express how you feel about your loved ones. Talk with young adults about their take. Share this article and have a conversation:

  • What do you think about portraying a school shooting in an episode of “Glee” or even another TV show? Was it too soon after the Newtown tragedy?
  • Do you think it’s important to address real-life events and issues in television and movies? How might addressing these issues in a fictional setting help us talk about real-world events?
  • What examples can you think of from television and movies when addressing a real tragedy has helped to teach viewers about an event or issue? What have you learned from television or movies based on real events? How have these shows or movies inspired or challenged you?

Leader — You might consider watching the episode of “Glee” on your own and possibly sharing it with young adults if you think it’s appropriate for your setting.