Trusting God in Life’s Storms

Last week, devastating tornadoes ripped through Southern and Midwestern states, leaving behind death, injury, and damage. When we see or experience storms or natural disasters, we might wonder — Where is God in all of this? It can be challenging to come to terms with the disorder and loss that storms bring to our lives. Talk with young adults about how they perceive God working in the midst of storms and how God gives strength and peace during storms. Use these questions to get the conversation going:

  • How or where do you see God working in last week’s powerful storms and tornadoes? (Or in storms or natural disasters in general.)
  • God calms the storms in the Gospel story of Jesus and the disciples on the stormy lake (Luke 8:22-25). What are other examples of God giving strength and peace in the midst of storms or natural disasters?
  • God hears us when we are afraid, worried, and upset. What prayer might you offer to God about last week’s storms?
  • What are some ways you might help provide calm or relief to the victims of storms?
Organizations like Catholic Charities USA respond to natural disasters and help families recover and rebuild from storms. Talk about ways you might help the survivors of the tornadoes last week. Consider how you might contribute to the efforts of Catholic Charities — with individual gifts, a fundraiser for disaster relief, or possibly volunteering to help. Go to the Catholic Charities USA website for more details or your local Catholic Charities affiliate.