‘TomKat’ Split and Relationships

News Friday that celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are breaking up after five years has flooded Internet news sites with commentary and speculation about their relationship. The focus on their relationship gives us a chance to reflect on our own personal relationships — with family, close friends, or significant others. Take some time to talk about this with young adults:

  • What are examples of relationships (between spouses, significant others, or friends — either personal or even celebrity) that you think model good communication and healthy bonds?
  • This article suggests that the break up might have something to do with differences in religious views. How do you deal with differences in religious beliefs in your personal relationships? How have these differences challenged or informed you?
  • What are areas where your communication with your significant other, spouse, or a close friend could be better?
  • Together as a group — or individually in journals or on a piece of paper — make a short list of ideas for improving communication in your personal relationships. If young adults work individually, when they are finished ask them to share their best one with the group.