‘The Office’

This Thursday the final episode of the TV series “The Office” will air on NBC. Whether a fan of the show (or its British inspiration) or not, its revelations about life (e.g., “the compromises and adjusted expectations that come with adult life, both at work and in relationships”) are something young adults can relate to. Many young adults spend a majority of time at work or working to get a job/start a career. Their lives or work settings might resemble that of the young adult characters — Jim, Pam, Dwight, Ryan, Kelly — from the show. Share this article about the ending of “The Office” with young adults and have a conversation about the realities (and parodies) of young adult office life.

  • What episodes or skits from “The Office” can you identify with? Have you recognized the same dynamics on the TV show playing out in your own office or real life?
  • What role has God had in directing you on your career path?
  • What “compromises and adjusted expectations” have you made in your life as they relate to work/career/calling?