Summer Vacation

With the unofficial start of summer (Memorial Day weekend) we can all start thinking about summer vacation! (Although, you might have been thinking about it already.) Check out this article about being a tourist on vacation: “The reason ‘tourist’ gets a bad rap is because it carries with it the connotation of ignorance. If one is a tourist, then, by definition, that person is doesn’t know what’s going on. To many, a tourist is little more than a sheep, going to the top of the Space Needle, or pondering the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, because they’ve been told that’s what they should do. But the truth is, we’re all tourists in one sense or another.”

Share this article with young adults and ask them what they think. Talk with young adults about some of their favorite “tourist” moments. Ask them if they’ve ever had a moment on vacation when they felt especially close to God or experienced the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

You might also take this opportunity to make a list of local tourist sites for your young adult group to visit this summer. Young adult road trip!